August 9th Added two vids Y-litter

August 5th

Born Y-litter: 3 males / 4 females
June 29th Succes v. Sennertal got his IPO-III with 82 - 90 - 93 = 265 pnts.
June 7th Xsammy v. Sennertal has been stud by Succes v. Sennertal
June 1th Succes and Ratza v. Sennertal got both their Körung
May 3th Xsamm got his VZH/BH with 54 points and Succes his IPO-II with 87 - 91 - 90 = 268 points today
April 4th Succes got his IPO-I, 87 - 92 - 94 = 273 pnts.
March 1th Added vid of Succes
February 22th Watt got her VZH/BH, 53 pnts.
2 0 1 4
December 23th New pics of the males
December 10th Added new male: Succes vom Sennertal
November 30th Ratza got her IPO-III today with 95 - 80 - 85
Novembe 17th Added video of Xsamm and Xsammy
November 7th Xsamm and Xsammy results: HD-/ED A Normaal, Back without remarks, so both excellent!!
Oktober 5th Today Ratza got her IPO-II and V Troy his VZH/BH
September 9th Added video of Xsamm and Xsammy protection training at 13 months
August 25th Added video of Ratza training with tracking
August 16th X-rays taken of Xsamm and Xsammy, of both hips, ellbows and back looks excellent!! We are so happy!
August 3th Added vid of V-litter, having fun with a cows tail
July 24th New vid added of V Troy, developping a nice hold and bark
July 15th Added vid of Watt beginning of the protection work
July 5th Watt results X-rays: HD-ED-A normaal, Back without remarks!
May 30th Today X-rays of Watt and hips, ellbows and back looks excellent. We wait for exact results.
May 8th New pics of Watt and Xsammy
May 1th Prelim X-rays of Wicked and Xamy v. Sennertal, both looks excellent!
April 24th V Troy HD-/ED- A normaal, Back without remarks
April 20th Rapper v. Sennertal, Place 8, 272 pts, Regional Championship,
handler/owner Henk Mulder
April 14th Turbo v. Sennertal Place 2, 271 pts, Regional Championschip,
handler/owner Saskia Stark
March 24th Uracko (Doerak) got his VZH/BH, handler Michiel Peters.
March 22th V Troy has been X rayd official and hips, ellbows and back are excellent!
February 21th Added video of V Troy
January 8th Added video of Xsamm
January 3th Added video of V Troy
2 0 1 3
December 17th Uracko (Doerak) v. Sennertal HD-/ED A normal; owner M. Peters
November 23th Urijcki and Uracko prelim X-rays of hips and ellbows, both looks excellent
Oktober 27th Rapper v. Sennertal (owner/handler Henk Mulder) and Ralf v. Sennertal
(owner/handler Jan Goudkamp) and Qassy v. Sennertal got their körung
all three with very excellent protection work
Oktober 17th Healt results Urgent are in: also Hips and Ellbows Excellent!!!
Oktober 12th Qassy got her IPO-III today
September 17th Added 2 video's of the X litter
August 29th Today we went to the vet with Urgent for X-rays of hips and ellbow; all looks excellent!
  We will wait for the exact results
August 20th Page dogs updated
August 17th Updated pics X-litter
July 22th Stoute got his IPO-I with 82 - 88 - 90, handler Wailok Chang
July 7th Stout got his IPO-I with 87 - 88 - 91, handler Ronny Peek
May 28th Added video of Urgent, starting some protection work
May 23th Turbo (Spike) v. Sennertal got his IPO-III at a Trial in Sweden with 84 - 94 - 82
May 19th Ralf v. Sennertal got his IPO-I with 95 - 85 - 92; handler Jan Goudkamp
  Rapper v. Sennertal got his IPO-II with 98 - 90 - 98; handler Henk Mulder
May 6th Added video Gringo, Sch-III Trial 17-3-2012, protection
May 4th Added video Gringo, Sch-III Trial 17-3-2012 , obedience
May 1th Added video of V-litter; this is an absolutely high driven litter!!
April 21th Rapper v. Sennertal Champion IPO-I on Regional Championship, with 98 - 80 - 94,
handler Henk Mulder
April 15th Added pics of V- litter
March 24th Turbo (Spike) v. Sennertal got his IPO-II at the NKK-championship with 90 - 84 - 91,
handler Saskia Stark (Vom Falorie)
March 18th Ratza got her VZH/BH, 56 pts
March 17th Gringo trial IPO-III at Waalre, 80-95-96 = 271
March 10th Litter of Harley X Qassy: 2 males, 3 females
December 23th Added new pic of Urgent
December 18th Tempo (Siep) v. Sennertal got his BH, handler Carolien Haersma
November 19th Rapper v. Sennertal got his IPO-I (92-84-94) handler Henk Mulder
November 19th Stoute v. Sennertal got his BH (50) handler Ronnie Peek
November 13th Turbo (Spike) v. Sennertal got his IPO I (98-98-96) !! handler Saskia Stark (Vom Falorie)
November 6th Stoute (Bruce) got his VZH/BH (57 pts), handler Wailok Chang
September 23th Added new female, Urgent v. Sennertal
September 4th Added video of U-litter
September 4th Added pics of U-litter
August 16th Added first video of U-litter
August 6th Added new pics of the U-litter
July 28th Added the first pics of the litter
July 22 th Born litter of Ratza and Gringo: 4 males and 3 females
July 11th New video of Rockie, just started tracking
June 26th Qassy got her IPO-I (85-86-81)
May 23th New video obedience and protection training with Rockie
May 19th Tempo (Siep) v. Sennertal (Itsher v. Sennertal X Gringo v. Haus Lenox)
has also excellent hips and ellbow, HD-/ED-A-Normaal
May 18th Ratza has been mated with Gringo
April 22th Male for sale, go to sales
April 19th Added video of Gringo Regional Championship, protection
April 18th Added video of Gringo, Regional Championship
March 26th Added video of Ratza
March 1th Added video of Stoute (Bruce)
February 28th Added female Jasmine v. Syntas
February 5th Added video of Ratza, training protection work
January 29th Added Video offspring of Gringo: Tequila v. Sennertal
November 22th Updated litter announcement 2011
November 7th Added video of Cintha,
November 6th Added video of Gringo trial IPO-III,
November 6th Qassy got her VZH/BH today and Gringo his IPO-III (83 (missing 2 articles) - 91 - 90)
November 3th Added video of Cintha
November 3th Added pic of Bandu
Oktober 25th New female in my kennel, Cintha v.'t Heukske, check out dogs
Oktober 24 th Congratulation to kennel Bacteroides (Finland) with again 2 competitors at WM FCI 2010
Bacteroides Sabo and Bacteroides Sera and 1 competitor at WUSV 2010 Bacteroides
Sabo (Sid Haus Pixner X Alyn v. Sennertal)
Oktober 14th Goodwill will be bred to Bandu v.d. Polsmaten
August 28th Added new vid of Qassy
August 26th Updated sales page
August 8th Added video of Qassy some tracking
August 1th Added video of Ratza, start with the heel work
July 26th Added video of Stoute (Bruce), some obedience at 6 months
  Added video of Stoute (Bruce), tracking at 6 months
July 25th Added video of Stoute (Bruce), tracking at 4 months
July 24th Added video of Goodwill, Trial IPO-III, obedience
July 20th Added pics of Stoute (Bruce)
July 18th Goodwill got her IPO-III (90-88-88)
July 1th For sale: young male, go to sales
June 28th Results X-rays of Ralf v. Sennertal: Excellent Hips and Ellbows,
both A-normaal, owner: Jan Goudkamp
May 30th Gringo got his körung
May 13th Qassy got her UV/AD
May 10th Avista came in heat and will be bred by Gringo
May6th Added video of Slim
May 5th Added two vids of Tequila and Tempo, offspring of Itsher and Gringo
April 17th Gringo (98-76-92) and Goodwill (94-80-80) got their IPO-II
March 17th The exact results ellbow score of Ratza: also excellent: ED- normaal!!!
March 10th The exact results hips score of Ratza: also excellent: HD-A normaal!!!
March 8th New video of both litters, showing their temperament and drives
March 4th New video of the litters
February 28th New male and female added
February 19th Again a dog with excellent hips and ellbows,
this time: Ratza v. Sennertal, we wait for exact results!
February 18th Added video of litter Birka
February 15th Born in Sweden litter of Gringo Haus Lenox, 5 males - 4 females,
more info at kennel Torneryd
February 8th New pics litter Birka and Itsher
February 7th New video of Qassy
January 26th Added first pics of the litters
January 25th Added video Goodwill stay exercise
January 24th Added video Gringo stay exercise
January 3th Added video Qassy
January 2th Added video Birka
December 26th Added video's of Harley vom Sennertal
December 13th Added new pic and video of Ratza
December 12th Avista came in heat and will be bred soon
December 9th We did recieve the results of the ellbows of Goodwill, Gringo and Qassy:
all three have excellent ellbows!
December 6th Today Goodwill got her Kkl. II-a, with very excellent voor her protection work!
November 29th New pics added of Ratza and Qassy
November 20th Its'Her has been bred by Gringo v. Haus Lenox
November 18th Today X-rays of the ellbows of Goodwill, Gringo and Qassy have been taken,
none of them showed any remarks. We will wait for the exact results
November 16th Birka has been stud to Harley vom Sennertal
November 14th Goodwill got her UV
November 11th Again excellent result of hips: Qassy v. Sennertal HD-A
Oktober 29th Birka came in heat and will be bred soon to Max
Oktober 21th Added video of Goodwill Trial IPO-I, protection, 91 p.
Oktober 19th Added video of Gringo Trial IPO-I, protection, 83 p.
Oktober 16th Added video of Gringo Trial IPO-I, tracking, 97 p.
Oktober 15th Added video of Goodwill Trial IPO-I, tracking, 94 p.
Oktober 11th Goodwill got IPO-I with 272 points and Gringo with 265 points video's coming soon
Oktober 8th The hips X-rays of Qassy shows no remarks! We wait for the exact result.
Oktober 3th Avista got her körung, Kkl. IIa
Oktober 2th New head shots of Gringo, Ratza, Qassy and ItsHer
September 27th Congratulation to Jacqueline Beijersbergen getting her IPO-I with
Gaius v. Haus Lenox with 97-78-96 = 271 (with missing apport with wall -15 pnts)
September 26th Congratulation to Riitta Lapinleimu, with again 2 Bacteroides going to the
WUSV 2009 (again out of Alyn v. Sennertal X Sid Haus Pixner)
August 27th Gringo got his UV
August 23th Added video of Avista revier, escape and long distance
August 18th Added video of Goodwill retrieve and long distance
August 17th Added video Gringo hold and bark
August 16th Added video Gringo long distance
August 4th Added video protection training of Goodwill
August 2th Added video protection training of Gringo
July 28th Added video obedience training of Goodwill
July 27th Added video obedience training of Gringo
July 26th Added video protection Qassy
July 10th Avista got her UV
July 4th Gringo got his VZH
June 7th Goodwill got her VZH and Avista got her IPO-I
May 31 Nasty got her körung, Kkl. IIa
May 9th Gringo got his HD-A!
May 8th Nasty has been bred by Branco v. Banholz
April 15th Added new female: Ratza v. Sennertal
April 15th Added video litter It'sHer
April 14th Nasty came in heat and will be bred soon
March 27th Added new pics of the litter
March 17th Added new pics of the litter
March 8th Nasty got her GHP-I
March 5th New pics of the litter
February 10th Born litter of Its'Her X Zender
January 1th Its"her is pregnant, litter expected half february