The come into existence of Kennel vom Sennertal

The origin from Kennel Vom Sennertal get it’s way in a horse stable. After several burglaries the purchase of a watch dog was a fact................. a German Shepherd.

It was done with the burglaries, but after a few years with the horses too.

Peer van de Hornhütte

I did breed once with this first female German Shepherd. One puppy was kept; the selection wasn’t very difficult: because of his four almost white feet, I kept that male! It matched great with my Bernese Mountain dog.

About five years later I went out to take a look at a German Shepherd club. After some training I got on fire with dog training. A few years elapsed in which I titled several dogs. But I was critical and that was the reason they all were sold. They all missed something.

Then I bought Peer van de Hornhütte. I intended training her for competitions. But that turned out the other way. After two litters from her, the breeding seems te be succesfull. So here I started the breeding seriously and training dropped to a second place.


Peer van de Hornhütte is my foundation female of the Vom Sennertal Kennels.