Succes protection training February 2014
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Xsammy protection training @ 13 months
Xsammy first start long distance

Watt beginning with some protection work

Xsamm starts with protection work
Xsamm protection training @ 13 months
Xsamm very beginning of heel work

V Troy starts to bark
V Troy starts with hold and bark
V Troy hold and bark getting nice
Urgent start protection work at 10 months
Birka some protection work
Qassy starting protection work
Qassy starting to heel
Qassy start hold and bark
Qassy tracking at august 2010
Qassy revier with escape

Gringo obedience: heeling and sit
Gringo protection training
Gringo protection training hold and bark
Gringo long distance
Gringo Trial IPO-I, tracking
Gringo Trial IPO-I, protection
Gringo obedience stay exercise
Gringo Trial IPO-III protection
Gringo PAK Gelderland 2011
Gringo PAK Gelderland 2011 protection
Gringo Sch-III Trial March 2012, obedience
Gringo Sch-III Trial March 2012 protection

Goodwill down and retrieve
Goodwill protection training
Goodwill retrieve with jump
Goodwill long distance
Goodwill Trial IPO-I, tracking
Goodwill Trial IPO-I, protection
Goodwill obedience stay exercise
Goodwill Trial IPO-III, obedience
Ratza second time protection work
Ratza start training heel work
Ratza training revier, escape and attack
Ratza protection training in Waalre
Ratza training tracking
Harley some obedience training in 2006
Harley some protection training in 2006
Tempo (Siep) vom Sennertal, 14 weeks
Tequila vom Sennertal, 14 weeks
Tequila vom Sennertal start protection
V-litter cows tail
Harlem's Debut after 2 years having holiday, first time riding again